Dell Boomi eletto Cloud Integrator dell’anno

Dell Boomi è stato eletto miglior Cloud Integrator del 2014 dal Business Intelligence Group. Dopo Gartner, un altro importante riconoscimento per la piattaforma enterprise di iPaaS, di cui Mind-Mercatis è partner, tra i pochi in Europa.

Dell Boomi Named Cloud Integrator of the Year

The Business Intelligence Group has named Dell Boomi Cloud Integrator of the Year in the inaugural 2014 Stratus Awards. The Stratus Awards have identified select companies “that matter in 2014,” recognizing them for providing innovative offerings that are truly differentiated in the market.

 “Dell Boomi is clearly leading the market in delivering real value to their end customers by leveraging the Cloud,” said Dawn Fordyce, managing director of the Business Intelligence Group. The Stratus Awards rely on real business people with experience and knowledge to judge its industry awards programs. It’s proprietary and unique scoring system measures performance across multiple business domains and rewards companies whose achievements stand above those of its peers.

Key capabilities that set Dell Boomi apart from other cloud integrators include:

  • single-instance multi-tenant architecture that aggregates platform usage and meta-data across our customer base and enables a growing number of crowd-sourced innovations, such as Boomi Suggest, Boomi Assure and Boomi Resolve.
  • Boomi Suggest, the industry’s first crowd-sourced suggestion wizard for data mapping, enables customers to tap into the knowledge of the Dell Boomi community for data mapping suggestions.
  • Boomi Assure delivers crowd-sourced regression testing. With just one click from the Boomi console, companies can submit integration processes and test data, for inclusion in future regressions tests of new AtomSphere releases.
  • Based on contributions by Dell Boomi and Boomi users to the Boomi knowledge base, Boomi Resolve is a repository of common error resolution messages. Boomi Resolve enables the platform to automatically suggest a resolution when users encounter a frequently occurring error.

Thanks to the multi-tenant architecture and these crowd-sourced innovations, Dell Boomi customers can achieve rapid time to value, significant cost savings and increased business agility by quickly and efficiently building and testing integrations and resolving errors.

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